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'NOR' - Not The Only Reality

What You See Is Not The Only Reality. Your attention is attracted to that angle of the story which when you see or hear, catches your instant attention and deeply connects instantly with you.

And what connects so deeply, instantly ? Closeness to your favourite idea, association of the issue with your past experiences, people involved connected with you in the past, locational familiarity, those involved hailing from your city or village, speaking the same language, looks similar to the person you loved, subscribing to common ideology or a common party, same religion ... etc etc etc. Mind instantly associates itself with some common dimensions of the story and thereafter, triggers a natural bias in the first instance when it encounters the problem.

Unless thereafter a conscious attempt is made by you to get deeper, gather data and objectively understand the whole issue before deciding, you will continue to be a victim of biased (self-triggered) judgment !!

Look at the doodle. It is the 'Rubin Vase' Illusion. You will see 2 faces looking at each other in a dark silhouette. Only a deeper second look will make you see the white vase. It could be vice-versa. You could first see only the white Vase ... but it is a rather simple illustration to make you see this reality.

See the whole world...see the full view..understand the deep reality and only then should you decide.

Our Mind is a trickster. Keeps playing tricks on us. You have to learn to be your own detective.

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