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Not Lonely Ever Again

We limit our frame of reference and then complain that we are lonely, we have no friends to talk to, no one visits us, most who do visit have their own self interests to serve and that you feel isolated, ignored and left out. Well, well. Bound to be when one half of the world who could be friends with, you have chosen to ignore. You have scratched them off your frame of reference !!!!! Do you make friends with those birds, lovely animals, make friends with the breeze, those beautiful flowers in your garden, the trees, the new bud blooming in the back-yard ? Your frame of references for friendships and company are only with those who sharply evaluate, constantly calculate, compound & measure self-interest, consider net-working efforts worth only if they are investments to cream from in the future. All Friendships that weigh everything either as an asset or a liability. Expand your scope of reference and look at the beautiful world we live in .... think of those million things waiting to make friends with you and seeking for your call-out. You are not lonely. You have chosen to be so. Now get-out and start introducing yourself to all the friends that are waiting for you. And promise, you will not feel lonely for a moment ever again.

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