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Not Passionate. Be Dispassionate For Success.

Ferrari Needs a Super Brake ???

Does this not sound like antithesis ? A high speed vehicle that drives 340 kms an hour, why should that need a super braking system ??? Isn't mad speed the very purpose ??? Ever since the Ferrari challenge in 1993, the equally famous super 'Brembo' braking systems have been built into a Ferrari. Most of the ordinary braking systems would fail terribly & miserably to hold-back the revving monster in a driving emergency.

So where is the corporate lesson ?

Reams have been passionately written about 'Passion'. Yes, very critical. I too believe that unless there is a maniacal passion, some route-breaking successes would never have been made. 'Passion' to Corporate success is exactly like speed to a Ferrari. It provides the 'vivida vis animi' ... that secret element which provides sensational excitement to shine & succeed.

But the danger is - 'Passion' has the unique ability to blind its followers to rationality. It is often the same thing that contributes to ones miserable failure ! If fluidity and flexibility are critical elements for success in uncertain, uncharted, virgin times, Passion could be the destroyer because it could make you continue to blindly pursue a disaster. Being DISPASSIONATE is more critical to success in the kind of times we are experiencing than being 'Passionate'!

No better example than 'Segway' in which the Founder's & Financers mindlessly invested in an assumed mind boggling demand much greater than it ever could exist. And we experienced the outcome. Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler... their stories when analyzed are not much different - burning zeal without consideration of realism.

Passion masks a weakness. Most unfortunately confuse Passion as 'Super Motivation'... and that is naivetè.

Rightly observed Goethe - "Great Passions are malaise without hope". Realism & Dispassion are formulas for success

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