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Obsessive Love Blinds

Obsessive love uniquely blinds - discretion. The resultant outcome is bound to be disastrous, dreadful & catacalysmic.

The wise know...when obsessive love (for a person or a thing) takes over, they step back & suspend their judgment. The obtuse allow their blind passions to dictate their judgment & thus make gargantuan errors.

Vidura the wise Chief Counsellor & Statesman to King Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata dissuades him. Strife will set in among your sons if you allow this dice game to go on. Pray do not allow, he said.

Dhritarashtra weakly explains this to Duryodhana... " Do not proceed with this game. This game is bound to result in a fierceness of hate which will consume us & our Kingdom". In arrogance, Duryodhana refuses to listen. 

Influenced by blind love & doting fondness for Duryodhana, Dhitarashtra surrenders his better judgment & sends Yudhisthira the fateful invitation to the dice game.

Rest is Mahabharata. 

In a way, each one of us has the wise counsel of our soul (Vidura) & our wicked passion prompting our secret desires (Duryodhana),when we have to take decisions. 

We get blinded & lose our balance influenced by our wicked desires as a person or as a professional at workplace. Each one of us lives a Mahabharata within.

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2 commentaires

14 oct. 2021

workplace dharamkhestra has become Kurukshetra ! Balanced and centred leadership is so wanting in organisations . powerful invocation Adil


13 oct. 2021

What a lovely analogy Adil

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