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Opinions of 'R-R' Leaders

Opinions are very important to any decision making process. They are expressions of an individual or of a relevant group and it collectively covers their Impressions, Judgment, Ideas, Sentiments & Reactions to questions arising therefrom the issues. They embellish the decision.

People form opinions consciously or subconsciously. They are also formed on themes relevant or irrelevant and are further qualified by knowledge and expertise that they add to the group Call or brings on the table.

Wise leadership understands the criticality of Opinions and to that extent engages with others to identify people and their opinions in these four boxes :

Person Person

Relevant To Irrelevant Decision To Decision

(I ) (II)

Qualified, Unqualified

Experienced green & Not

& Skilled consequential

(III) (IV)

* Opinions from people relevant to the theme and who are Right : qualified, skilled and experienced, add value (v¹⁰)...ten times higher than what the others can . 'Right Opinion' contributes value. Others contribute to noise, confusion & chaos.

Leadership assessment in reality is therefore about 'Right Opinion Test'... measured by its ability to onboard the Right & Relevant people whose opinion sharpens the outcome and thereafter he succeeds in providing an enabling environment where they contribute .

Ofcourse , a leader's ability to develop himself to become a Relevant and Right contributor thru his opinions on teams where he is a member and not a leader, contributes big time to his success as a professional leader.

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Mar 03, 2023

To look within... And opinion and advice of divine wisdom is the line and the best


Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
Mar 01, 2023

Very very nice one. Enlightening one.

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