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Oxymoron : A'Culture Fit' Test for 'Change Manager' !!!

Peter Druker said

"...the entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." He is right. My only disagreement is that the Entrepreneur thereafter searches for people on his team who agree with what he has found at the end of the search. And that is where the things start getting wrong for him.

72% Companies we surveyed last month, to one of the Questions indicated that they were seriously evaluating major culture shifts in their Organisation. And yet to another question in the same survey reflected that 93 % Companies still consider 'Culture Fit' of the candidate as very critical for selection !!! Conformation to usher Transformation.....???

The Million $ Question therefore is ... should the person selected for the role to lead Culture Transformation in a Co pass the 'Culture Fit' test for Selection ???

Do share your views ...

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