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Perseverance Or Serendipity - 'The Real Winners' Rubric.


Often I am asked :

- I see so many people around me succeeding without investing their efforts and energy whilst some others I

see around who are investing all their efforts and energy, but do not seem to be getting the due results of their endeavors ? Should I therefore seek to be lucky or should I persevere to build my capability to succeed?

Says Seneca - "... anyone can get lucky but not everyone can persevere". True. "Success comes to the lowly and to the poorly talented, but the special characteristic of a great person is to triumph over the disasters and panics of human life ".

Naturally, success without efforts creates envy. Why can't I have it as easy as the others, asks the mind ??? The survival of the one who perseveres through difficulties who keeps going when others quit, makes it to their destination through hard work and honesty... success then being an outcome of fortitude and resilience not birthright or circumstance.

The person who has been dealt a harder hand, understood it, but still triumphed. That indeed is greatness. Only he can sustain and win again, if he were to lose it all.

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