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Perspective is the way people see the world. It comes from their personal point of view and is shaped by life experiences, values, their current state of mind, the assumptions they bring into a situation, and a whole lot of other things. Reality can be a totally different thing from what they see from their window. But where does the mind allow one to accept anything beyond that what it sees, hears or feels ??? Only with maturity, wisdom and experiences does one learn that.

Critical for people to always be mindful that their window view is not all there is to see. There is more to it.....many more dimensions ... many more angles ... many more views to the whole picture. And all unseen.

People want the world to be defined by the view from their window. Good to share that view with others. Good starting point. But naive if you do not ask to see the view others see from their windows.

Winners have a clear view from their window and are willing to listen and imagine other angles of that view from different windows.

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1 Comment

Apr 03, 2023

Great wisdom... Brain only filled with divine... Never influenced by any thought image... Clarity is best... That's the defn. Of love unconditional... Oneness and peace always... Heaven every where... Thanks ji our respected

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