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Planned Misses To Bulls Eye

Grew up like most, idolising the Great Arjuna. But not every archer is the celebrated Arjuna. And you need to be mindful that Arjuna is mythology. Arjuna's 'Gandiva' - the divine bow was made by Brahma and given to him by Lord Agni as a gift. Arjuna, Gandhiva, Brahma, Dhronacharya, Kripacharya ... clearly these allusions & super references make us realise that schooling from their lessons are certainly not designed for normal breathing archers. Not even the Champions. Ofcourse one has learnt those 'One shot-focus-hit target' B-School lessons drawn from Arjuna's Archery, archery is a good example that highlights the fact that early PLANNED MISSES are actually very critical for subsequent success. Real life arrows flex - they are not 'Gandhirvas'. Their trajectory curves in mid air. The stiffness in the arrow's shaft has to be judged for the arrows flight generally deviates. For a perfect shot, the Archer has to aim a few degrees away from the Bulls-eye keeping these factors in mind. I learnt a bit of Archery from my friend at the law school who was a National Archery Champion. I had to give up learning Archery. Was too costly a sport for me. But I benefitted by applying this one learning I picked up in life. The only way to get an accurate winning feel of things is to fire some arrows and see how they fly. Planned Misses. The mistakes we make in real time are like these test-shots. Once one analysis where these arrows are landing in the situation, it guides you to keep correcting your efforts and aim the next time so that you hit your Bulls-Eye . The sooner you learn, the better.

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