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Premeditatio Malorum

The Stoic philosophy is raptly immersed in the power of preparation and thus stresses the practice of 'Premeditatio Malorum'

'Premeditatio Malorum' is about envisioning potential challenges to anything you do before you set yourself out, channelize your energy, invest your resources and your direct your drive to it.

Pathetic you may say. Sounds pessimistic. Why begin with negative? Be optimistic. The critic would say begin with discussing potential benefits.

Albeit may sound pessimistic, this approach fosters resilience. Prepares you for contingencies that may arise which are not envisioned such that you may not get scared or be surprised when the event occurs in reality, if it does.

Many Cos now adopt & embrace this concept . 'Premortems' in project planning, vendor development, new product launches etc - anticipating all obstacles that could arise before starting for better outcomes, ultimately.

Beyond professional application, Premotem practice is suitable for application even in personal life as well. Applying it to personal relationships say at the time of marriages, child birth, health crisis etc proves invaluable. Despite romantic ideals, acknowledging the potential for difficulties & pit- falls that could arise, helps partners to weather the wild storms and navigate the rough waters !

Preparation is key to facing life's inevitable setbacks with grace and strength. Learn to adopt it. Preparation is neither negative nor is it passive. It is actually anticipating adversities whilst preparing for success in mind.

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