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Recognising The Plot

'Recognising The Plot'... a critical future leadership capability.

The difference between the world we have experienced and the world we anticipate to live in is contrasted by presence of the 'black swan' events.

Black Swans will appear with fair regularity in the new world ... white swans might end up becoming rarities. we will have to actuate

our future from that perspective.

A capability that leaders will have to sharpen is to 'recognise emerging plots'. We see pieces of evidences strewn all around but our mind refuses to connect the dots & stitch them into a plot. The exassperated exclamation

" only if I had seriously thought about it, I would have known " will have no tolerance in the new world considering its cost.

Often when such Black Swan events are analyzed, there exists a profoundly depressing moment which is realised much rather late in the game, when the responsible Managers self-comprehended that they actually HAD some information & also a perspective in the deep crevices of their mind which did know the nature of the change and the likely calamity it could lead to.

Rigid enterprise cultures would have to be more open and allow dissenting ideas to come up instead of rejecting regretting & penalizing them in the new world.

This is the new SURVIVAL SKILL

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