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Rites & Rituals Reflect Character & Culture

Rites & Rituals Reflect Character & Culture 

I look at culture differently. I see it as a set of beliefs & values embodied in the organisation's unique ideology, which defines the framework that stakeholders & people associated with it are expected to observe whilst dealing with uncertain, uncontrollable or difficult events. 

This framework defines 'Character' of the enterprise.This is where Rites & Rituals come in.

Each organisation depending on what it believes, identifies a set of practices, rituals or events which may be formal or informal in nature to highlight & manifest it's character. It builds a set of relevant events within the working rhythm of the organisation to collectively recall & to observe the same.

Rites & Rituals are unique processes & practices which are like unique artefacts of the culture when differentiated. 

Unfortunately, as organisations age & vanguards change, empty ceremony gets pursued.  The purpose behind is forgotten.

I worked with a co which on its Annual Day without fail announced 'The Maitree Award'. Over time, people remembered the 'Maitree Award' but forgot sadly that 26 years ago a certain Maitree Sharma had innovated a product which gave the Co a unique advantage that became the basis of it's later product success in the market 

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