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Rush & Flush

Fatal Accidents of Corporate Transitions ... (FACTs) are not unknown.

Sufficient number of times have we experienced Senior Organisation Leaders having joined new organisations approaching us and seeking coaching help to understand their dilemmas...clearly, they have become victims of the Fatal Accidents of Corporate Transformations (facts).

Rush & Flush. If you Rush to make changes in a hurry without deep study and Flushed out you will be at the same speed from the system and that is what you will experience ! You got to be patient, tolerant and wise. It calls for esoteric qualities of leadership much more than executive qualities of a Manager. 

Change Agents mandated with responsibility to facilitate the Change Process, need be mindful. The interventions    that will not experience successful breakthroughs

would be either those which disturb the prevailing Power Structure, impacts a favoured/protected person in a big way, introduces a process without getting a buy-in, disturbs the peculiarities of the existing Culture or is not matched or phased out suitably with the maturity in the life-cycle of the enterprise.

Rush and Flush. Think deep and plan deeper to break through these 'Change Blockers'        

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