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Seeing The Butterfly

Someday, you will see the Butterfly !!!

We often resist things that happen around us as it may not be in sync with what we had determined as our plan. Our mindless focus on our plan blinds us from seeing a bigger plan.

After being made permanent at Godrej, I wanted to become a lock salesman. The vacancy was in Surat. Dressed smartly and hopeful, I appeared for the interview. I was rejected in the interview by a business leader who I admired a lot. 'Not suitable for sales job' ... that's what he scribbled on the evaluation form. I could see that as he wrote it.

I was very depressed ... particularly that comment coming from (BND) the person who then I admired the most. I was subsequently posted to the HR Department. Career wise , I prospered. In hind-sight, O boy, that changed my career path positively and in a big way my life direction.

Am I not really happy today for the evaluation he made which had at that time made me sad and depressed ???

Whilst we should strive and work hard to reach out to achieve the things we desire , when we succeed or fail, we should not blind ourselves to the larger unseen plans that we are unconsciously following without knowing it.

The surprise hurricane was the result of the butterfly flapping its wings a hemisphere away is never realised at that moment .. but that does not change the facts.

Knowing Lorenz's - 'Chaos Theory' is one thing. Understanding the butter-fly effect, another thing. But being able to acknowledge the interlinkages of things in our life and being able to link it to remote butterflies in our life narratives & scripts is what maketh the difference.

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2023

Great message Our respected Adilji... To accept life the way it is.. To answer if at all required.. According to the divine wisdom... Stay blessed

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