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Somethings, time teaches better...(4)

Knowledge Without Wisdom

What good is knowledge if not put to use ...? Unutilised inventory of knowledge in your warehouse is absurdity when the line is in dearth and defecient of the same ! The Rule therefore is simple - have knowledge, use with exuberance.

However, it is the pompous and boastful display of knowledge that leads to arrogance and subsequently becomes cause of the downfall.

Mesh & lace your knowledge with discretion. Allow wisdom to take charge of your knowledge to determine where to use it, how much to use and where not to use it.

Knowledge without wisdom is like a drunken man swishing a sharp knife, imprudently at the VT Station ! Temperance in use of knowledge thus is critical to success. Indiscriminate display of knowledge makes you a subject of mockery.

Unfortunately, there are no books to read or courses to attend that can guide you to draw the proverbial 'Lakshman Rekha'. It comes only with exposure and experience.

Somethings, time teaches better...

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