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'Stress inoculation' and 'Exposure'

Most Leaders academically appreciate EI but to be effective they also need to get trained in practical methods that help them Coach Managers under them cope with stress & worry they experience at work

Two effective methods, I recommend Leaders to get trained for - 'Stress Innoculation' & 'Structured Exposure'

In Innoculation, the leader rather then 'big brother' shielding, exposes the Manager to stress generating situations under supervision & coaches him in Coping techniques. Manager regains lost confidence & realises his over-estimation of threats & underestimation of his coping abilities.

Generally, Managers with bad past experiences, avoid similar situations in future by taking flight. Doing so, they lose confidence. In 'Structured Exposure', Leader adopts one of these 'Exposure' technics to Coach :

👉Flooding: Leader exposes Manager to a similar high intensity situation under supervision & helps him cope +vely with stress

👉Structured Desensitization: Leader exposes Manager to gradually growing intensity of stress situations to help him learn to cope

👉Graded Exposure:Leader slowly exposes Manager to increasing intensity of stressful situations

👉Aversion: Leader pairs ineffective coping by Manager with penalties to create aversion

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