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Sui Generis

Each leaf is unique and different in its own way. Observe minutely. You will see differences in their colours, patterns, symmetries, lustre, smell and above all, benefits they could bring. What a blunder it would be to club all leaves together into one generalized category for common treatment and lose out on the unique advantages each could bring. Gestalt has its advantage. No doubt. Indeed, the collective is unique & bigger than the sum sum of its parts. Teams are behaviourally built around this logic. But that should not let us lose out on the uniqueness of induvidualisation. If we did, It would lead to identity crisis and deep consequential demotivation if individual identity is lost forever in the collectively, each time. People are similar - but each one is also so unique and different. Aren't you in your own way so unique and different from the others? Imagine what leadership would lose out on if they would club you always together with others for common treatment ? Gestalt is good for the collective synergy it creates. But it should not be allowed to totally obliterate individual identity and destroy the unique 'sui generis' that prompts motivation and individual contributions by retaining individual identity and fostering individual contributions.

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