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Talent Is Not Innate

Wolfgang Mozart acclaimed as the most talented composer of Western Classical music was the son ofLeopold Mozart, a German violinist, teacher, and composer. Being the father , he was the principal first teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who began his musical training even before he actually really learnt to run.

Interest being created at a very early age due to right exposure, proper guidance being provided, sustained deliberate correct practice being encouraged and passion to succeed being flamed, were more the contributers to his success than some innate internal patterns of his gene code. Researchers have failed to identify such 'Talent Gene's or any unique patterns in the 20,000 odd Gene Code (see Doodle).

Often we celebrate success of prodigies by labeling it as divine gifts. Easy way out. What we fail to see behind the screen are the hours of laborious & dedicated practice, availability of right instructors at an early age and such other environmental elements that greatly contribute to development of talents as factors for success.

Mindful organisational leadership provides opportunities and the enabling environment where people who  have the passionate desire to succeed and the ability to put in laborious hours if provided right practise under great instructors and Coaches, can Shine and succeed to display their real calibre. 

No doubt certain great organisations keep churning out talented leadership and some others, despite performing well suffer penury of talent. 

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