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Tales Of The Tape

Boxing experts had researched. All the champions were tracked. Physical parameters - size, build, fist, reach, cheast expansion, body mass, strength, practice hours.... all recorded. They had a fairly good idea through observed patterns and research as to who was a 'Natural' Champion - Endowed by Nature and Built to Win.

Ali was nowhere close. He failed miserably their tests of the tape. He was nowhere there to be classified as a 'Natural' - who was endowed by nature and built to win !!! Infact the experts believed - he boxed all wrong. He did not block punches with his arms and elbows and punched more like an amateur. He exposed his jaw and moved back his torso to avoid punches directed at him. Rather unusual as they observed him. He was asking for trouble, they initially thought.

But apart from his quickness, Ali's brilliance was in his mind and more so in his winning mind-set. He studied everything about his adversary and drove himself crazy thinking about him. He studied his adversary's peculiarities and just kept thinking based on his observations about what opportunity he could look out for that would help him deliver that crucial - 'Knock Out Punch' ! No one at that level of competitive Boxing ever saw a Knock-out Punch coming at them - but that is what Ali just kept thinking and planning for all through.

In hindsight behind his victory people still believe it was his great body though the fact was it was not true and that he miserably failed the classical boxer's 'tape test'.

Lesson is simple. We keep searching for sauces that drive winners in the strength of their physical bodies. Not realising that the secret is hidden in the ceaseless winning attitude of the mind of the Winner which cannot be measured on any tape !

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