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The Ancient Persian Algorithm

The Greek historian Herodotus records in his History that Persian Youth were systematically and in a careful manner, instructed and trained in 3 things upfront between the ages of 3 to 12 - to ride, to draw a bow and to speak the truth

(Taraporewalla, Religion of Zarathustra,1979).

Progress towards Vision riding conveyed that ... Archery, a competence that supports the Vision into becoming a reality ... and Truth, the only value which converts mindless journey into Vision driven progress, in search of one's Asha.

Riding was symbolic of progress and success .. archery - symbolic of capability to protect as one prospers and .. speaking truth, symbolic of progressing with integrity & values . Truth was considered the prime amongst all values.

Devoid of dilutions, the philosophy is simple - move and Act in the direction of your Vision, arm yourself with matching Capabilities and do not stray away from observing your Values to progress in your journey.

Thousands of years later, modern Management says the same. Idea is the same but the books and philosophers are different.

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