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The Battle of Facade

The Battle of Facade

Whilst we all know the winner of this battle between 'External Appearances' & 'Internal Essence' ... yet, each time a conflict emerges, the world momentarily gets deceived & bum-steers to side with External Appearances.

Let me narrate, a story

A King wanted to renovate a famous old temple.He invited interested groups to take up this prestigious project. Two groups got shortlisted - the 'Artisans' & the 'Monks'.

As a trial, the confused King, gave two other similar temples which also required renovation to each group to prove themselves first.

Few days hence, the King went for his final review.

The Artisans had done a spectacular job. Skilled repairing, super colours, intricate craftsmenship. The King was just thrilled.

The Monks had not repaired the temple at all. Instead they cleaned everything meticulously. The faded walls reflected their old charm & beauty beyond description. No dust, no dirt, the temple revealed glory of its original style & character.

The King needed no further evaluation.

External appearances are egocentric mirages like the Artisans.Their focus is on 'looking attractive' & creating an external facade...more to win approval by appearances than by content. Momentarily, they may appear to win but Internal Essence prevails.

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