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The #BigJob Mystery

Endurance Cycling was a feast one regularly witnessed in Mumbai. Such feasts were performed by exponents of amazing balance, who would cycle without getting-off for several days in the Containment Zone. Containment Zones meant differently those days.

Such events were sponsored by neighbourhood hawkers to attract crowds where they would sell kala-khatta, ragda, pav-vadas etc.

Infact, post 24 hours, the sheer drama the cyclist added pretending to fall-off any moment due to sheer exhaustion, added to the thrill. More coins got tossed. Periodically, a young girl (always a poor sister of the cyclist)would pick-up the coins. A sick mother story would be in the air for more sympathy coins.

We were a gang of 8. All between 14 & 17. Neighbourhood had labelled us as 'Wasters' ! The wasters were but intrigued. Eat & drink was fine but how was the big job done ? A round the clock vigil was thus set-up to investigate the 'big-job' mystery !!!.

And we cracked it...once,the crowds thinned out, at about 1am, the maidan lights would go off for 3/4 minutes. A temporary paper fire would be lit at the other end to divert attention. Nothing unusual.

But that is when Rahim, Karim's twin brother wearing exactly the same clothes quickly took over for the next 23hrs:55 mts.

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1 Comment

Verzavand Postvala
Verzavand Postvala
Jun 03, 2020

Oh my God at 80 you have such a good memory I suppose every events during your life time are permanently RECORDED in your brain Great exceptionally GREAT

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