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The Dilemma of Success

The Dilemma of Success...

Why does this simple path to success appear so difficult to tread on.....? Dream to Ambition to Achievement thru Competencies & Smart Work. It is time tested and it works.

The grudge that people have stems from the fact that some others achieve success through a much shorter & easier route. Out of envy the struggler wonders, why not that easy route for him as well ??? That is when inexplicable things like destiny, nepotism and serendipity kicks into our logic and arguments. Our scripts & prayers sadly then become negative ...God, fine if you can't make me thin but please can you make the others fat...??? This is Devil Logic.

This makes us shift the onus of control from our hands to all others. That is when the time tested route of Dreams to Ambitions to Achievements thru Competencies & Smart Work appears to not work and we sadly, in weaker moments give up out of frustrations.

Resilience is about this ability to strike back in weaker moments when the Devil Logic takes over us and we fightback.

Hasil hongey woh ucchey makaam

Tu pehla kadam

rakh ke to dekh

Phirr jalenge

Woh bhujey chirag

Tu chingari

bann ke to dekh !

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