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The Five Realities We Miss

Each one of us has often experienced these 'Gestalt' realities in the scripts of life we read our stories from 1. All of us tend to read a script based on the pieces we hold. There could be other influential pieces to the story which we might not be holding.  2. We miss the unique contextual backdrop critical to understand the full narrative of the story. The pieces we hold by themselves,  tell only half the story. The backdrop provides a reference in light of which the narrative changes. (Information + backdrop =Script) 3. We organise the pieces of information we hold in familiar patterns based on 5 principles  of Similarity or Continuation or Closure or Proximity or Symmetry whichever spontaneously influences us more at that time.  4. Given the same pieces, it is not necessary that people would place them in the same pattern. This same facts, different stories.  5. Every successive piece of information potentially can change the pattern This is application of 'Gestalt' in real times. The Gestalt theory emphasizes that the whole of anything is greater than it's parts. Attributes of the whole are not deducible from analysis of it's various parts in isolation. Gestalt means patterns that get formed or the way things get placed or put-together.

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09 nov 2020

Yes gestalt scenario is observed in each individual where we do not delve with the circumstances but visualize one side of the story to conclude what we perceive in.

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