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The Gorilla In The Room

Ever thought about how our perception can deceive us? What we see is not always the complete reality. Illusions can easily trick our minds, shaping what we believe we see.

In the realm of psychology, an illusion occurs when our logical awareness clashes with a stimulus before us, leading to a mismatch in our perception. Just like missing the 'big gorilla' in the room because we weren't mentally prepared to see it there!

Research by Chabris and Simon on the 'gorilla effect' highlights how focusing intensely on one task can blind us to other crucial details. This phenomenon extends to various aspects of life, from overlooking big opportunities in business to missing significant market trends.

Remember, when fixated on small details, we risk missing out on broader perspectives and substantial opportunities. Stay vigilant and open-minded to avoid overlooking the 'gorillas' in your field.

Watch this thought-provoking clip that beautifully illustrates this concept. It's a valuable reminder to keep our eyes open for the unexpected, even when we think we've got it all figured out. Illusion makes you believe the Cubes are moving fast !

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