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The Horse And The Rider

The battle Royale of what contributes to ones professional success -  'emotions or rational thinking', unceasingly, goes on.  In equal measures, both. However, for each individual, a different combinational dispensation needs to be programmed ... for some, more emotions, for some others - more rational thinking. The Greek in literature use 'the Horse' and 'the Rider' as  analogies to explain this dilemma. The horse representing raw energy and power. The rider representing the rational skills that drive this raw energy & power to fulfill the purpose.  In a way, the horse is our emotional nature continually promoting us to move towards our goals. It has tremendous power and energy but without a capable rider, it does not necessarily move in direction of the goal-post.  The horse generally dominates, the rider, generally weak. Sometimes, the rider is too strong and pulls the rein too tight not allowing the horse freedom to gallop away to the goal.  The champion rider holds the harness tight and lose...tight enough to enable him to direct the horse and channelise his energy. However, it is held conveniently lose enough to allow the horse free galloping movement to the victory post without constraint. Management norms for Corporate leadership are followed similarly.

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2020


I should have seen your blog earlier thereby not missing out on some good though provoking writings by you for so long. Better never than never and am relishing it now.

On a separate note, I vividly recall an evening you and your wife spent at our home in Gurgaon way back in 2003-2004. I am not sure if you would be able to remember it being so many years back.

More later. Cheers. Mukesh

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