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The Medici Effect

Knowledge uniquely proliferates, multiplies and creates breakthrough of ideas at the junction and crossroads where various sciences meet. Common knowledge and ideas frequently used in one domain of knowledge are transplanted and cross-pollinated into another unfamiliar domain and starts showing effeciency there. The cross-road junctions are most fertile for growth of innovative ideas.

When medicine and engineering met at the cross-croads, bio-engineering was born. When civil engineering met medicine, prosthetics were designed. Unfortunately, when Chemistry met the science of Aeronautics, Bombs got created too. At the junction where Civil Engineering and Art met, Frescoes were born.

The universal truth is always open to learning , keep your mind open. Do not reject new ideas, thoughts, processes, methods and technology imported and implanted from newer spaces merely because they may not be kosher based on old experiences.

The mind that learns and is open to innovate experimentation is the mind of a Winner. It is then just a matter of time.

Contemporary Management calls it The Medici Effect ! In Nature, it is called it cross pollination.

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