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The Mirror Cracks

Why is the idea of drugs so shocking in a hyper- competitive, unregulated & fragile Industry like bollywood with a very short shelf-life that thrives 20% on art but the rest purely on human vanity, illusions & dreams ???

Celluloid celebrities experience instant success because they portray the illusions of all that we the ordinary people always desire - good looks, strength, power, virtues, success, prosperity ... but which gets sacrificed for us the lesser mortals, unfortunately, at the altar of human inperfections & drudgery of our mundane day to day living realities.

The mad frustration of these fragile actors (please do not call them Heroes) being expected to forever live up to the expectations created by their celluloid performances, must be hugely depressing and frustratating within.

Think about it. They actually are in a way victims of our illusions and our mis-belief that they are in real life what their role virtues define.

Our expectations that they should live up forever to the illusions we started wrongly believing, is our folly. Crack the mirror. Destroy that mirage. Be real. Movies are movies.

The greatest folly of a joker is to unmask and show the real face. And that is what these guys have done. They showed their ugly faces.

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