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The Old Kung Fu School

The Old Kung Fu School

Read the doodle first. The story continues here... 

The 3 disciples argued to find  cause for the closure - outdated techniques, no new teachers, poor maintenance by students etc

 Finally, for the respect they held for their teacher & the love for their school, they decided to rejuvenate the old school. Each one contributed to the role they were best skilled at. Whilst initially it was tough, soon the school flourishes.

Few years later, they gather to celebrate its success. With all the show & pomp of success, each one brags of the role he played and contributions he made that made the old school prosper again.

Soon these bragging arguments became private quarrels...and then it became fights and tripped into public hostilities. The school had to consequently close down due to these conflicts.

Before parting and going their own way, the 3 decided to agree on one thing - the cause of the decline and abandonment of their dear school. 

It was not lack of new techniques .. neither absence of new generation of students .. nor poor maintenance of the building. 

It was only one ... and they all agreed. Lack of harmony.

Life mirrors this story.When people fall out of alignment, their uniqueness turns from awesome assets into lethal destructive liabilities. 

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