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The Otherside Of Midnight

Each one of us has a Dark side which we consciously curtain from view of others. The curtain we draw can temporarily hide but cannot make the dark side vanish. People are rarely who they seem or pretend to be.

Lurking beneath the polite and affable veneer is inevitably the dark shadow side built on insecurities, aggression and selfish impulse that is repressed and carefully concealed from public viewing.

Unfortunately, hard as we may try, beyond a point, this dark side cannot be stopped from showing its ugly head up. The dark side leaks out in behaviours at the most unexpected of times and this has high potential to cause damages.

It is therefore necessary for leadership to observe people and recognize signs of their dark sides as much it is critical for individuals to notice their own dark side. It is only when consciously we are in touch with this dark side (particularly as leaders) & integrate it  with our total personality seamlessly that one emerges as a complete 'wholesome' human being. This as a consequence, makes ones personality radiate with authenticity instead of phoniness and will draw & attract followers to the leader.

Rightly says Henrik Ibsen ... "our whole being is nothing but a fight against the dark forces within ourselves. To live is to war with trolls in heart & soul. To write is to sit in judgment on oneself."

Beyond the smiles, learn to see and be in touch with the rough edges of the dark sides. Wholesomeness is about a seamlessly integrated whole between the brightside and its other darkside of Midnight!

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