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The ‘PAID’ Leader

A CEO friend of mine approached befuddled. His self-belief of being the most loved leader came crumbling down. His 360 feedback reflected the truth that shocked him. The feedback indicated  ... a power-centric, aggressive, imperious & domineering style of leadership. 

But he sincerely believed otherwise ... after all weren't there so many of his direct leaders who trusted him and always praised him often for his brilliance, resilience, committment & compassion ? How was that possible if his style was power-centric, aggressive, imperious & domineering ?

This is the 'DISORIENTATION TRAP' of a strong aggressive leader in an organisation that is made up of a legion of sheep. The more power the leader gets and larger his 'concurring' empire grows into, the more points of vulnerability they create. The leader now has many more detractors & enemies to worry about. This sparks a need for aggressive leaders to be more and more aggressive and gain more and more power. They believe they are defending the organisation from its Vision detractors. They end up in the process becoming power junkies and thus continue relentlessly.

All through this, such 'PAID' leaders never realise that they are being negatively perceived. The unintended consequences of such relentless leadership behaviour is siring an organisation with steadily coroding 'MCMC' factors - Morale, Climate, Motivation & Culture.

PAID leaders need serious Coaching. It is better that the trigger for such Coaching is positive leadership development and not replacement of the leader due to collapse of the organisation and its deteriorating performance.

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