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The right time

The right time

Wise Leaders are mindful of the wrongs that go on under their watch. But they silently weigh & wait before taking action. Foolish hip-shooting to prove instant justice is indiscretion.

Karim, the Royal Architect had built the best monuments for the King. But he also made some unfair gains for himself on the sly. Special rewards for super services he justified to himself.

Converted to Gold he buried it in a pit created in his living room. The house from outside was very simple to avoid suspicion. Karim however justified all that as special rewards for efforts.

About to retire, the King gave him a last task to build a beautiful Mansion for the Prince. That was a bonus Karim thought. Divinity was smiling at him. He asked for a generous budget. That was granted.

A beautiful Mansion was built. Thanking divinity for last opportunity, the costs were inflated heavily.

On the final day, a function was held. Everybody was enamoured & the King was thrilled.

Whilst thanking Karim, the King announced that this beautiful palace was actually a gift of gratitude to thank him for his services in exchange for the very humble house he lived in

Let the Prince learn humility by living in Karim's old humble house & let Karim live in the fancy Mansion he built for the Prince

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Jul 22, 2020

Irony and karma usually come together for those who take trust for granted. A very good lesson in ethics, value and humility.


Jul 22, 2020

Wise leaders are agile and are supportive of the fact that their team requires basic support and be a enabler of their dreams

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