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The Rock That Blocks ‘Will’

With a Rock blocking the will, can you make Rocky Fight ?

The 'Skill-Will-Values' triad debate is now fuddy-duddy. Evokes no interest. Like wise if one was  skill short but will ready, Skill development is  now a well set and an evolved practice. 

However, a million dollar coaching interest gets evoked to understand if 'will' can be developed if requisite skills exist ? And a further ten million dollar interest gets evoked when the question is 'how do you drive' the one who is skill surplus but will short' to be the champion ? How do you remove those 'blocks of will rocks' and make him Rocky again ???

Let me first clarify. No one who is 'will' deficient walks the ramp with a 'I am Will Short' placard. Most of these will short guys will deny and vehemently defend that as a conspiracy of their detractors. So the job for the Coach here is difficult, you have to win total trust and manage the process very smoothly thru one step at a time episodes of critical conversations.

Let me share my Coaching Steps & Strategem in such cases, if your care to know. Might come in handy... :

1. A serious open 'colloquy huddle' assess & understand the Coachee, his personality, style, life-experiences, nurturing and chronic blocks

2. Share narratives and plan live 'Winning-Edge' chats with real Winners in a one-on-one private chat mode

3. Search jointly for deeper meaning to identify & drive to a purpose. Literally Engage in his life-script excavation

4. Deeper analysis & evaluation of blocks. Identifying signs syndromes and triggers of these will blocks

5. Joint expedition for 'passion' 

that would fuel the purpose.

6. Creating a plan to liquesce 

the 'Rocks that Block' and build the 'Will Confidence'

7. Evolving the practice plans

from 'now to goal'. Observing specifically how the old blocks reacted and develop new plans

8. Fixing milestones observations & Joint evaluations on live episodes

9. Running pre-finals, measure impact of blocks. 

10. Periodic Conversations to sustain and energise the winning-edge

Don't kill your Skill to win by letting the blocks that rock your Will become your nemesis.

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