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The Same Dice Game

Everybody knows the crafty dice game the wily Sakuni played. Sakuni had observed & realised that Yudhisthira was very fond of gambling but was unskilful & ignorant of the tricks that the crafty could cloak their cunning with the dice and win. Dhritarashra the blind King understands Dharma but is blinded by deep love for his son Duryodhana. He gets manipulated & persuaded by Duryodhana, Sakuni & Karna to unwillingly invite Yudhistira to the game. Duryodhana's surreptious agenda is to win the battle against Pandavas but without battling. He did not have the strength, not the skills nor the wily craft of Sakuni with the dice. Strategy was to win without Duryodhana playing. Yudhistira arrives at the venue in fulfillment of his Kshtriya dharma of not rejecting a fair challenge. He asks upon entering the gaming hall.."who plays with me?". Duryodhana dubiously says - "Mine is the responsibility for finding the stakes in the form of wealth gems to play the game. Uncle Sakuni will thus actually cast the dice in my stead". Yudhistira though suspicious accepts. Sakuni plays.Rest is Mahabharata. We see these characters in different roles of life designing the same strategy & playing the same 'dicey' game, even now in digital times. Some just refuse to learn.

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