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The Thriller

Please rush to register COVID'19 (with artistic grammatical variations) as a name for the next set movies to be made. Someone somewhere must certainly be penning a romantic thriller.

The Heroine's father on return from US suffers Covid19...he had flow to get his daughter in India Bindya , married to to his friends son, the rich goid for nithing Dr. Ranjit. But heroine loves poor Dr Rahul who is a COVID specialist .... certainly, Dr.Rahul has in the end to find the vaccine to Covid and save a million lives, somewhere. Love has to blossom after a dangerous fight between Ranjit and Rahul in the Quarantine ward...(Please keep Akshay Kumar in mind as you script the hero... Modi Sir won't accept it otherwise !!!)

Could you please complete this story for me..let me challenge your creativity.

Lets have some fun for a Sunday ...

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