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'The Ushtavaiti Gatha'

The 'Gathas' - the Divine hyms of Zarathustra in his deep Communion with Ahura Mazda comprise of 17 Chapters divided into five sections - Ahunavad, Ushtavad, Spentomad, Vohu-khshathra and Vahishtoisht.

The 'Ushtavaiti Gatha', the second part of Gatha, is considered to be poetically the best among the Gathas.

Flashback for the uninitiated: In search of his truth, Zarathustra gets into Communion with Ahura Mazda ... expressing his yearnings & seeking answers to so many of his doubts and inquiries (Yasna 44).

The questions Zarathustra asks, all remain unanswered. The deep divine message is clear : each man is encouraged to find the answers to the deep unanswered questions of life hankering in his heart,  all by himself. In this, he may take help of 'Armaiti' (a person's own self Conscience). This is the one of the most critical learning from the Gathas. Don't seek and keep waiting for external answers. Search within yourself with self-consciousness and one's Good Mind and you shall find your answers.

Except for two verses in this Yasna , all the verses are self interrogative (and in a way rhetoric) and thus begin with the words: ....“This do I ask , Ahura tell me true.” It is only through these answers in synchronization with self -consciousness that one attains true understanding and revelations.

Zarathustra makes many enquiries of Ahura-Mazda on deep issues like happiness, inspiration, righteous path, rewards & punishments, spirit of 'Armaity' (Rightmindedness), concept of Asha (truth), faith, piety and so many other issues. Zarathustra, answers these rhetorics for the benefit of his people and it is worth a serious read.

So many times I witness futile and unending discussions with friends and people, young & old, on many critical aspects of human behaviours & existence. Only if one would with divine belief invest time to read this second of the five - 'The Ushtavaiti Gatha' would one come out rich and with full clarity on these larger existential questions of human and spiritual life.

I would encourage you to do that.

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