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The Vaihistoisht Gatha - the ultimate Liberation

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to share my perspectives as a practisioner with you on the Five Gathas in the last 5 days. It was for the benefit of many of my non-Zoroastrian friends who wanted to know a bit more about the Gathas. Hope it helped.

Today is the last of the five Gathas, tomorrow Zoroastrians will celebrate Pateti. Day after, Navroze - the New Year.

The Vahistoishst Gatha, the last Gatha of the five explains that finally, men and women have to complete their full range of experiences and then get liberated from life, ready to be one in unison with the Good Lord. This is called 'Khetvodat'. 

Khetvodat means a state of achieving full unison of the soul from earth with its counter part in the spiritual space (combining the male with the female into one complete soul) before its ultimate unison with its maker. 

Reciting the Vahistoisht Gatha is expected to pave the way for the mortal faithfuls to smoothly attain 'Khetvodat' i.e. oneness with Ratu - the incharge and the ultimate Good Lord.

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Aug 15, 2021


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