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The Wedding Guests

The Wedding Guests.

Occassionally, temptations get the better of us. We believe Divine Supervision is momentarily not overlooking us. We thus maximise unfair benefits reprehensibly during this window of divine slumber !!! Much to agony

Sharing this simple story my aunt told me..

Two vegabonds who had wasted their lives, one day were hungry. Seeing a gala wedding celebration in a hall, they wanted to eat the mouth-watering food there.

The first (who remained unreformed) said, let us pretend to be Sadhus, bless the couple & get treated.The other who had reformed said no. He was not a man of religion. He would thus tell the truth & try his luck.The first guy laughed at his naivity.

At the gate they were warmly received by the host. The second guy said he was not on the guest-list but wanted to eat the dinner & greet the couple good luck. The host said you are honest. Its a good occassion & good wishes will help, the couple. Go join the dinner queue but do bless the couple.

The first guy dressed as a Sadhu now expected a much better treat than his friend. The host welcomed him & said..Aa man of religion..please do join the Sadhus out there.They are meditating & praying for the couple for 24 hours.They will be given a modest feast after that.

Peel the onion for your lessons.

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