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Transformations come with a price tag!

In today's age, everyone is engaged in ushering change. But, what many fail to recognize is that transformation comes with its own set of challenges. The hidden code of behaviors within transformation defines what is acceptable, often influenced more by the situation and context rather than the power structure.

Leaders embarking on a journey of culture transformation may realize that it could lead to a loss of their own power in the new paradigm. This realization sometimes prompts a reversal to maintain the status quo, resulting in failed transformations and a significant blow to leadership credibility.

Failed transformations come at a cost - the continued credibility of leadership. Conversely, successful transformations bring pride, laurels, and accolades to leadership. Remember, be the change you want to see. As the saying goes, man is both the marble and the sculptor!

See the doodle ... observe the man chiseling his transformation...the Sculptor and the Marble !

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