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‘Trust’ Critical For Leadership

A leader has to be ever mindful that people on his team will continually be in a way, prepared to turn on him the moment his back turns. This is an unfortunate reality of Group working. 

Even if there is a bit of trust deficit, the momen team members see a chink in the armor or an extra rock in the chair or experience a set-back, they will turn on the leader. 

The best for the leader is ahead of time to overwhelmingly gain the trust of his team whilst not succumbing to the prejudices of the situation to merely gain the team's loyalty. By succumbing to such team preassures, no matter the circumstances, the leader will make the team members doubt his strength and that would be the worst for the team's confidence.

A leader therefore has to be prepared ahead of time by his Coach for this reality. Building trust with the team is the leader's all time prime job.

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