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Turn Your Words Into Works

" Those who receive the bare theories immediately want to spew them, as an upset stomach does its food. First digest your theories and you won't throw them up. Otherwise they will be raw, spoilt and not nourishing.

After you have digested them, show us the changes in your reasoned choices, just like the shoulders of gymnasts display their diet and training, and as the craft of artisans show what they have actually learnt "

- Epictetus 3.21.1-3

Sound teaching of the teacher should be reflected in sound conduct of the disciples. That is the real cause and effect relationship.

Whenever you dear leader therefore are tempted to show-off your knowledge and spute out some teachable theory, you rather first think, then evaluate and later determine ... would you more often than not, be better off telling and explaining the theory directly as you learnt or would it be better for you to display that theory through its actual manifestation. That's the way of the real heroes

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