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Twenty twenty Won!

Welcome 'Twenty Twenty Won' We are just about crossing over 2020, the year hall-marked by 7 symbols of chaos & disasters ... Masks Sanitizers Lock-downs Social-Distancing WFH Vaccinations & Depressions. The human Vision 2020 so laboriously planned for, acutely fell short and appeared Myopic. May the God of hope in 2021 fill us all with joy and peace as we trust in him, so that we may overflow with hope by the power of Divine Spirit. Happy New Year to you. Be wise, play safe and join your 'sanitized' hands in prayers for safety and happiness of all. Let the New Year be a year of hope triumphant over our 2020 experiences. Remember, the new year is 'Twenty - Twenty Won !' To all you my dear friends, world over... Amen

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