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Unleashing the Power Within

Unleashing The Power Of Your

Sub-Conscious Mind

Whilst we keep searching for external abutment to help us fulfill our dreams, synchronously, untapped infinite power lies within each one of us which when appropriated in the right way, has the potential power to fulfill all our aspirations. What an antithesis. We search beyond for power that lies within !

Says Dr. Murphy ... a magnetized piece of steel can lift twelve times its own weight. But the same piece of steel is unable to lift even a feather if it is demagnetized. So it is, also true for a 'magnetized man' ! Magnetize yourself by reaching out and unleashing that hidden power within you.

Where lies this secret power to magnetize man, asks the doubter ?? That secret lies in the marvelous realms of one's Subconscious Mind. But for you to realise that magic and harvest its fruits, you will first have to reach out and befriend your Subconscious Mind. Then tend and nurture the seeds that are lying unattended within.

Those who learn the craft to channelize their power and energize the positive thoughts of their sub conscious mind, live to experience happiness and consequent fulfillment of their aspirations and dreams, without waiting for external support or abutment.

Our 'tamed' logical reasoning & conforming rational thinking within boundries of approved structures and frame-works is the Villain of the piece. It has unfortunately, made us slaves of our conscious mind. So much so that most people are sadly even unmindful of its very presence.

High time we learn to break-through the chains of consciousness. Unleash the power of your sub-conscious mind and be that hero you dream to be.

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