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Whilst we appreciate the need to be mindful, we are in reality so unmindful that we fail to recognise that 12 generations of our patriarchal and matriarchal ancestors in a way, collectively, influence our styles, personality, traits, looks and much more. That means arithmetically, 4094 ancestors.

If each generation was about 30 to 35 years apart, it means we carry and we are influenced by historical perspectives of about 400 years within us . Pheeewww !!! If your ancestors 400 years ago were influenced by their 12 generations of ancestors, then the cumulative result would be mind blowing. But leave that the present.

Now for the quiz of a life time, are you able to recall beyond say 15 of these 4094 names ??? Most can't - I certainly don't.

That is about human insensitivities and unmindfulness...we don't even recognize or recall that what we are today is an outcome of contributions of so many unnamed direct ancestors whose DNAs we carry (forget others) that we need to be appreciative and thankful to for contributing to us being the way we are, today.

Time therefore to be mindful and say a big thank you in the silent quarters of your mind to the vast Universe of ancestors and others who contributed to us being who we are, by empathising and being kind to everyone and everything you see around.

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2 comentarios

Parvez Panthaky
Parvez Panthaky
09 ago 2023

Didn't know that. Thank you

Me gusta

06 ago 2023

the healthiest ideal way of living is to only Mind ones own business the lone way of solitude unto Salvation. I m happy Our respected Adilji you focussed on this important aspect for the wellness of creation.

Me gusta
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