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Unregulated Empathy Destroys Organisation Character

Never can the criticality of Empathy be undervalued. We have all realised it. However, what one may be

unmindful of is the fact that until empathy is regulated by boundaries & limits of 'Values', it has deep potential to destroy character of the enterprise.

Unregulated empathy blinds objective decision making, leads to mindless ' insider' protectionism and

destroys 'fairness' in the warp & woof of the Corporate texture.

'My man Right or Wrong'....limitless insider empathy can cause lapses in a leader's ethical judgment. Aren't we experiencing this in the current 'Starwars of Bollywood' being dramatically played out in the SSR Murder-Suicide controversy? The problem stems not from aggression towards outsiders but from mindless empathy & loyalty towards insiders. In psychology, such is referred to as 'Ostensible Altruism'.

In corporate set-ups, it leads to otherwise wise leaders blocking Whistle-Blowing & protecting insider perpetuators of sexual harassment, frauds, drug-abuse & brutality.

The unintended consequence of this leads to demoralising faith of others in the corporate fairness & governance thus destroying, disengaging & disconnecting other employees from their very belief in the enterprise Vision & Purpose.

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