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Using Reverse Gears Wisely

Fast forward has a motivational drama built around it. Understandably so. But surely, human frailties, vulnerabilities and fragilities in adverse and uncertain times, makes it necessary often to reevaluate decisions taken and back-track the routes & decisions taken earlier.

Reverse gear is thus no symbolic set-back as some motivational thought leaders make us believe. Infact it is a reminder to not allow your ego to come in the way of making corrections when you realise that you may have erred and gone wrong.

Need to move forward by occassionally taking a few steps backwards is fantastic wisdom of the bright , smart and wise. When I look at the successful, I realise that in life they are the ones who take brave and agile calls. But they are also the ones who are so agile that if there is a need to use reverse gear and move out of a tricky situation, they are ready to do so at the first instance.

Knowingly, don't march to hell just because ego blocks you from using the reverse gear. Broken marriages, wrong study choices, fouled-up toxic relationships, failed CO careers, wrong investments .... just cut your losses, use the reverse gear and move on.

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