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Value the Overall Quality of Team Composition

Quality and calibre of people that one interacts with in a team is more exigent and importunate than what it has been understood or credited with in an organisational context. 

Team compositions are critical. It multiplies the collective output for the energy invested.

I see 3 strong reasons for organisation leadership to strive for higher and better quality of team composition...

 One, when the quotient of information & intelligence in the team is enhanced, the Top performers now get more time and focus as the time and focus required otherwise for low performers is suitably freed up. 

Second, the collective quality of overall general discussions and effeciency in the team is enhanced and so is the quotient of team knowledge & calibre. Excellence is naturally possible.

Third, this further motivates the high performers to strive for excellence in such a positive environment. Their retention is naturally enhanced.

Sooner the organisation's realise that it is not compensation, fancy office infrastructure or other superfiscial engagement activities that motivates the high potential to stay on,  the better for them. People whose interaction is valued and whose fraternising with other team members enhances the quality of team learning and knowledge,  go a long way in retaining high edge talent and getting better results from the team.


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