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Vohu Khashathra Gatha

Vohu Khashathra Gatha

This is fourth of the 5 parts of The Holy Gathas.

In the cosmology of the faith, 'Kshathra Vairya' is borne of the divine principal of Vohu Manah, from which comes the core belief of 'Good Thoughts'. Vahu Manah is the strongest weapon (Sanskrit Kshathra - weapon) for men.

For the longest period ' Vihu Manah' was presumed to be strongest (stronger than stone... remember, Zoroastrian religion was born in the Stoneage where metals were unknown). This ofcourse is my personal ( a practitioner's) interpretation please.

In the Gathas evidences and illustrations are given of devoted wise people who did good and reaped good..King Vistasp, Frashaoshtra Hvogva, Jamasp and Maidyomaha. Also of bad who practiced evil & suffered. The logical appeal is for followers to use their Good Mind and do good.

The quintessence of the message in this Gatha is...perceive everything (listen, see, observe, feel..) but use your Vahu Mannah as your weapon and judge before adopting for action. Each one is responsible for his acts...blame not the others.

And remember the cardinal rule : End of good is good. End of evil is bad. Each one decide.

(The doodle has been inspired & curated on Sohrabji Kolah's spiritual poetry on this Gatha)

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