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WBA - Winning By Avoidance

It is seen as being macho to win fights but if you see the real heroes, they actually fight much harder to prevent confrontations in the battle. Men mistake confrontation for Winning.

The primal caveman hiding deep within each one of us is in awe of the strong man who knocks out the big wild beast. But stronger than the Caveman is the unsung polished fighter who is skillful and thus wins the battle without confronting the stronger beast, face to face. Winning battles is not necessarily always about matching tenacity of muscles and agility of limbs between parties. A confrontation that doesn't need to happen, shouldn't happen. That is the virtue of winning by avoidance.

Heroes fight as hard to prevent a conflict but often get misunderstood and labelled as cowards in a world still befuddled with the cinematic belief that courage is about muscular or decibal lock-jamming.

Infact , in meetings after meetings in 'siloed' corporations, one sees a clear display of such 'Caveman' fights and corporate battles particularly between Managers of equal powers trying to asertain their power stakes. Only if they had the wisdom to analyze and reconsile the outcomes of their confrontations with the ultimate outcomes, would they realise the sheer folly of their choices and style.

Whilst we may enjoy the thrills of reading books about heroics of wars, it is time that the world enjoys reading books of heroes who won bigger wars by diplomatic maneuvers that prevented these wars.

Ofcourse, we all know of Hitler. But has anyone heard of Prince Albert of England who succeeded in keeping Britain out of the US Civil War - which very easily had all the potentials to become a World War !

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