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What Kind Of A Chap Are You?

Are you one of the chaps who can take his raps And still not hit the floor;

Who'll stick by the gun till his task is done And then look 'round for more?

Do you grin at your work or sulk and shirk when the job seems hard to do

Are you there with the grit to do your bit Can the boss depend on you ?

Is your conscience clear, with nothing to fear

as you punch the clock each night;

When you leave the job, do your pulses throb with the thought of a task done right ?

Is it pleasure or dread when you pillow your head and think of the coming day;

Do you breathe a prayer for strength to bear does your job mean simply play?

Just pause a bit and see if you fit in the class that's pictured here

For its never too late to clean the slate and start on a record clear.


Don't let the world outside manage the remote control of your Engagement. It is all within you. Cheer-up !

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